Our Story

Once upon a time, not that long ago in the winter of 2002, Merle and a small crew of crafty creatives started designing, handcrafting a line of down-filled Puffer garments under the label True.

"It all started with a this one Puffer jacket that I made for an International Sportswear exhibition in Copenhagen.

"After the exhibition the Puffer came back to New Zealand and I was wearing it occasionally. Friends asked me to make them one like it."

And so the story begins.


During the first winter I had the tiniest little studio in the Wanaka Art Center. I was handcrafting Puffers for friends, riding at Treble Cone and getting my hands grubby working at Wanaka Wastebusters.

We would cut the jackets out, get them sewn up by our super-sewer in Christchurch and then fill them by hand in the garage at home.

We made about 25 jackets the first winter. It seemed like a mountain at the time. Every Jacket was custom-made and all the orders were through word of mouth.

It was a special time and I was blown away by how excited people were, they really wanted to support this little mission. People would just drop in, hand me a wad of cash and say 'I'd like a Puffer please.

I owe a lot to the local Wanaka crew and transients, who first ordered a Puffer. They formed the roots of what True has grown to be.

~ Merle Schubert